My Old Books Are GONE!

I discovered something terrible last week; my books were destroyed by termites! When I was visiting my parent's place, I had finally decided to take my old book collection from my younger day’s home with me. They had been sitting in the attic for a good number of years now, and I have always thought to do it the next time I visited. Unfortunately, we discovered that their attic was pretty much infested with termites, and everything from my Baby-Sitters Club collection to my first copy of Pride and Prejudice was all destroyed. My dad promptly called the first Pest Control Company Greenwood we could find online, but the damage had already been done, my books were gone.

Fortunately, enough most of our family photos and memories were stored in an old closet downstairs, so at least those weren’t lost, if only mom put my books there too. It’s not too big of a deal though as the books were quite common and none of them was signed or the first edition, their sentimental value was something that could not be replaced though.

The lesson of this story is always to do things as soon as possible if you mean to do them someday then make that day today. Else you will one day discover that everything was gone.