The Movie


When you talk about Pride and Prejudice as a movie, you will come upon two, one made recently (2005) and another made in 1940. Although the 1940’s version was critically received, with New York Times calling it "the most deliciously pert comedy of old manners, the most crisp and crackling satire in costume that we in this corner can remember ever having seen on the screen." Today, many would say that though it was well made for its time, it is a bit flawed. If you were to come upon a copy of the movie though, I would recommend you watching it as it is still a good rendition of the famous novel.


The 2005 movie is currently considered to be the best rendition of the novel, with a great cast who, though at the time it was made was known, are now household names. Other than being a blockbuster success, it successfully surpassed the 1995 TV adaptation of the story.

If you ever have time for yourself, watching all three movies is recommended. Being a big fan of the novel, I am always eager to see each adaptation that filmmakers, cinematic or TV, dish out every few years or so.

There are several other renditions of the story, though I choose not to talk about them in this post in order to highlight the three of the best adaptations I have seen. After watching these, you should definitely look the others up.

I recommend that you first read the novel, and then watch these three.