The Novel


A Masterpiece by Jane Austin, it was first published in 1813, which thought was quite some time ago, the story has aged rather well. While most young people today might have some difficulty in understanding what was considered to be the norms of those days, the main point of the story, marrying for love, is still very much relatable today. The story was written in a way that clearly indicates it was written during a period long passed, though it is still easy to comprehend. In fact the way it was written allows you to know the details of each of the characters somewhat intimately. One character, Mr. Darcy, was so thoroughly observed that many readers feel that they personally know the character by the end of the book.

Written in a manner with a lot of feminist views, it is well balanced and fairly written. Contesting the norms of that time, and practices that may be still present today, that even those who disagree with some feminist views today, would find unfair for women.

The book is indeed a classic that should and remain popular to those who allow themselves to enjoy it.  I can recommend that if you have a wide reader in your family, or if you are one, that a copy of the book should be purchased for your collection of books.

I would tell you more regarding the story but it would be better for you to read the story yourself or if you would like to, watch the movie.